The need for project delivery assurance

Through hands on experience of project delivery and implementation, we appreciate just how essential project delivery assurance is, whereas many others still see it as optional, best practice or sometimes an unnecessary overhead. For projects that are regulatory in nature, multi-regional, multi-sponsored, complex or just simply business critical, it is a necessity to be confident that the transparency around the projects progress, outcomes and inputs are reliable, available to the right people in a timely manner and subsequently acted upon.

Understanding the framework

This is more than just M3S providing and managing a good PMO team; it is how we seek to address the underlying quality framework of the project and the organisation. At the heart of this is being specific, practical and action orientated when it comes to managing project delivery risks.

Specific, to the point risk framework

Many projects do not start with a risk framework designed around business outcomes and spend much of the time talking about project risks in a vague language that the end users don't really relate to. This pattern only changes when users start testing the solutions, which in many cases is too late.

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